Archive Cinema City 2016.

Neither Heaven Nor Earth (or The Wakhan Front)

Ni le Ciel, Ni la Terre

Genre: Thriller / Fantastic
Country: France
Year: 2015
Duration: 100'

Director: Clément Cogitore
Scenario: Clément Cogitore with the participation of Thomas Bidegain

Cast: Jérémie Renier / Kevin Azaïs

Programme selection: 360°


Afghanistan 2014.

As the withdrawal of troops approaches, Captain Antarès Bonassieu and his squad have been assigned a surveillance mission in a remote valley of Wakhan, on the border of Pakistan.

Despite Antarès and his men’s determination, control of the secluded valley will slowly fall out of their hands.

One dark night, soldiers begin to mysteriously disappear in the valley.


After studying at Fresnoy, Clément Cogitore grows an artistic ability, between cinema and contemporary art. Mixing photographies, films, videos and installations, his work ponders questions on beliefs, rituals and stories that shapes our communities. His short films, both documentaries and fiction, as well as his experimental videos, have been in many international festivals. The Wakhan Front is his first feature film.

Original language: French, some Arabic
Title: English, Serbian