Fresh Danube Films

FRESH DANUBE FILMS project emerged from the partnership of four festivals – Crossing Europe from Linz, DORF from Vinkovci, Free Zone from Belgrade, and Cinema City from Novi Sad. The project is financed by the European Cultural Foundation from Amsterdam, and is dedicated to the promotion of the cinema from the Danube region, especially debut and second films, education and exchange of experience between young authors and students from the Danube region, and networking between authors and institutions with the aim of creating and nurturing quality productions.

The goals of the FDF project are:

- Promoting and supporting cultural diversity, and nurturing creative synergies of film industries along the Danube.
- Promoting young authors through the Fresh Danube Films selection, which screens some of the best debut films signed by the authors from the Danube region.
- Networking of young, talented filmmakers from this region and creation of a platform for knowledge exchange between them.

Following the formal completion of the project, Fresh Danube Films continued with its mission, and now presents one of the most important selections of the Cinema City International Film Festival. This programme includes debut and second films from the countries in the Danube region, and each year attracts a significant number of visitors, thus focusing the attention of the broader public to the significance and peculiarities of the cultures and cinemas from the Danube region. More information on Fresh Danube Films, just check out Wordery.