Creativity as a vocation

The project "Creativity as a vocation" relates to a series of educational projects that the Association Cinema City already realized in 2017, and as the previous ones, this one aims too to make young people more familiar with the exciting and dynamic world of creative industries and introduce many opportunities for personal and professional development.

The project is realized by the Association Cinema City with the support of the Directorate for Sport and Youth of the City of Novi Sad and in cooperation with Creative City and HNS Creative.
Knowledge in the field of creative industries is multidisciplinary and applicable in various fields. Through a closer acquaintance of "creative" professions like directors, designers, editors, actors, high school students will get a clearer insight and help with professional orientation and may be inspired to try themselves in one of the creative disciplines.

Within the project, several educational and informative activities are planned. Following the example of the methodology of "living library" there will be organized event where professionals involved in the creative industries - directors, producers, actors, etc. - will represent "books" that students can "read", ie. to talk to them and ask various questions concerning their profession - where they were educated, how they developed their careers, which is the most important advice they received, what they most like to do, what their working day looks like. In addition, it is envisaged that project participants have the opportunity to experience how one day of work in the creative industry looks like and experience the processes of creating artistic works from the perspective that is usually not available to regular visitors.

Finally, through one-day workshops, high school students will have the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in the fields of several creative industries and so improve their skills.