Danube Festivals Network

DANUBE FESTIVALS NETWORK (DFN) – through its contents and activities this network strives to present the cultural potential of the country, based on creative industries, which are of paramount importance to the general economic status and tourism development. The main goal of the DFN project is to nurture, use, and improve knowledge, skills and cultural properties in order to strengthen the appeal of the Danube region in Serbia, as a tourist destination.

This mission, which is original both in concept and content, and which underlines the economic and cultural significance of festival events was joined by three festivals that are well-known on regional and international level: creativity festival – Mikser, music festival – EXIT, and film festival – Cinema City. The value and severity of their common intention were recognized and supported by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) within the programme for socio-economic development of the Danube region in Serbia.

The objectives of the Danube Festival Network are:

- Increase the level of visibility and promotion of creative industries that are based on festivals as cultural and tourism products which carry the capacity for the development of the Danube region in Serbia, primarily through previous experience, knowledge and skills.

- Improve the networking between professionals and institutions involved with organization of festivals as cultural and tourism products of the Danube region of Serbia, and support their professional development.

The Danube Festivals Network wishes to focus the attention to the unique value of our festivals, which have the strength to attract the interest of the foreign markets. The festivals of creative industries in Serbia are a sensual mix of local culture, authentic identity and hospitality, with highly advanced audio and visual content that can keep up with the latest international trends. Drawing from the extensive experience of the project partners, the Danube Festivals Network wants to promote this region in the most efficient and positive way. More information on konzertkasse.de