FeeLMS for Creativity

Potentials of art and creative industries for empowering young people are the backbone of the international project "FeeLMS for Creativity", one of the 17 approved projects under the youth component of the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. The project duration is 18 months and will be implemented in the period from March 2017 to September 2018.

Partners who will jointly develop and transfer different learning methods in creative industries and arts are Association Cinema City from Serbia, from Italy - Sineglossa, from Croatia - Association Domino, from Hungary - Pro Progressione and from Serbia - Kulturanova. The partners will facilitate the exchange of experiences and improve the skills of youth workers so that they can continue to transfer the lessons learned to young people from four states.

Relying on the extensive experience of organizing festivals, exhibitions, concerts, performances and other cultural events that mobilized a large number of professionals and the public, we want to share our experiences to help young people discover the exciting world of arts and creative industries.

The aim of the project is to encourage young people across Europe to explore in an innovative way many opportunities of creative industries for employment and mobility. Through a series of meetings, creative workshops and the use of specially designed platform for e-learning, young people from four countries will have the opportunity to meet, learn and acquire new skills necessary for organizing events, explore innovations in the work with the audience, using interesting digital applications and realize their own creative ideas.

The project envisages implementation of an international training for youth workers in Novi Sad in September 2017, creation of multilingual online platform for learning and sharing of educational content, application of methods of creative industries in working with young people in Serbia, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, as well as the presentation of experience and good practices in a seminar in Ancona (Italy) in April 2018. We expect that the project will gather around 30 youth workers and 600 young people and contribute to creating a strong network of professionals and amateurs creating new collaborative projects across Europe.