Creativ(EU) Summer School

The Creativ(EU) Summer School took place in Novi Sad from 24th to 1st of July 2017 as a comprehensive non-formal learning 8-day programme for 24 young people. The programme encompassed the promotion of EU integration benefits through an innovative approach using creative industries as a learning tool where the participants had the opportunity to acquire practical skills in the field of design, video production, social media and event management, and experience what it looks like to work and socialize with professionals active in the field of creative industries.

The Creativ(EU) Summer School was held on 7 locations in Novi Sad, involving 11 local organizations and 18 experienced professionals - artists, managers, producers from various creative industries as lecturers, guides and mentors of the programme. The project was organized by Association Cinema City in tight coordination with the EU Info Point Novi Sad and with the support of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia.

Creativ(EU) Summer School included several elements:

- informing about opportunities for education, volunteering and acquiring working practices in the EU through the Erasmus + program, professional orientation through the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge of creative industries and professions

- experience what the "ordinary" working day of a designer, director or manager looks like, as well as improvement of skills through practical, teamwork with mentors;

- getting acquainted with the cultural and creative scene of Novi Sad through visiting museums and galleries, alternative cultural centers;

- networking and linking among peers, as the program brought together 24 students from 6 Novi Sad schools that were socializing and working for seven days.

Under mentors’ guidance, participants of the summer school had the opportunity to develop and implement a creative project - a campaign, while learning about the process of planning, business communication, creating graphics solutions, business strategies for social media, filming promotional videos and organizing promotional events. In a relaxed atmosphere, participants worked with graphic designers, directors, producers and marketing managers who shared their experiences with them and taught them practical skills in their fields. This is why participants (students), who are still determined to continue their education at one of the faculties, had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into some of the fields of creative industries, socializing and working with mentors who sent them to the creative process and all stages of the project ("from ideas to realization").
The general objective of the project was to raise the level of knowledge and understanding of young people from Serbia about European policies, values and EU-Serbia relations using non-formal learning tools used in creative industries. More specifically, to present to the young people the impact of EU actions in Serbia and EU values as freedom, mobility, pluralism, accountability, lifelong learning, work ethics. This was done through lectures and practical work using “learning-by-doing” methodology and practical tasks for the students – production of a digital marketing campaign “EU4U” that promotes EU values and programmes. Participants of the summer school created and implemented the campaign by themselves, under mentors’ guidance. It is our strong belief that this approach – where the EU is a “topic” that the students have to research and understand better to be able to fulfill the practical tasks – is the best possible way to adopt knowledge as well as values. 

The last, 8th day of the school students organized promo event which they entirely by themselves as a practical exercise in event management and which had the purpose to present their work during Summer School. The event gathered participants and friends in order to present the campaign in its entirety - graphic identity, video work, social networking sites, and socializing continued in the informal part of the program with the performances of the dance group Partizan 2, acoustic performance performed by Jelena (vocal) and Ivan (guitar), as well as the set DJ on the garden - the roof of the KC LAB.

In between the programme, we organized visits to diverse organizations and institutions from Novi Sad, which try to maintain European standards and values in their work, that range from formal, national institutions as Gallery of Matica srpska which is a best practice example as a museum and gallery to private initiatives as Startit IT hub and alternative cultural youth initiatives in the Chinese Quarter and KC LAB. That was a demonstration of different working methods in culture and creative industries, professions, funding and functioning types providing participants with a deeper understanding of possibilities for employment and studies. 

We thank the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and EU Info Point Novi Sad for supporting Creativ(EU) Summer School and making it possible for young people to gain invaluable practical experience and learn about the creative industries that provide huge opportunities for employment and professional development.
Organizations and institutions that also were included into realization of the project and contributed to project realisation are: Eu Info Point; Startit Novi Sad, IT hub; University of Novi Sad, Rectorate; Gallery of Matica srpska; Chinese Quarter – Student Cultural Center Fabrika, Club Quarter, Firchie Think Tank Studio, OPENS2019 – European Youth Capital 2019; Cultural centre LAB; Erasmus Student Network – ESN Novi Sad; Volunteer Center of Vojvodina; Idea LAB – Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad; Novi Sad School of Journalism.