Film it LouD

The Film It LouD project is the result of cooperation between two film festivals – DORF from Croatia and Cinema City from Serbia. The project is supported by Croatia-Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme, which is funded by the EU. It represents a continuation of our successful cooperation with DORF festival from Vinkovci. Based on the “mirroring” concept, the Film it LouD is dedicated to the promotion of film and music in the border region.

The objective of the Film It Loud project is to create new possibilities for young people from film and music industries from Serbia and Croatia through education and promotion, and to promote contemporary film and music scenes of these two countries in order to inspire new co-productions and productive friendships.

During the one-year project we held workshops in Novi Sad and Vinkovci, which were attended by the total of 40 students from Croatia and Serbia. The participants had the opportunity to attend the lectures of renowned film professionals from the country, the region, and Europe, and to apply the newly-acquired knowledge during their practical assignment – shooting short films. Each festival used this selection to screen the most appealing contemporary documentaries and feature films from the other country. The same principle was used to promote alternative music scenes from Croatia and Serbia.

The Film It LouD project facilitated the rapprochement and closer cooperation in the domain of art and culture in the border region of these two countries. You can find more information on the Film It LouD website.