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Cinema City 2016

The 9th Cinema City International Film Festival took place from June 25 to July 2, 2016 for the second time on attractive locations Chinatown and Limanski Park. During the eight festival days, over 60 films divided in five selections have been presented at five different open-air and indoor locations. The films which excited the greatest attention of the audience are: One Week and a Day, Burn Burn Burn, Aloys, California, Zhaleika, B-movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin, Janis: Little Girl Blue, domestic films Train Driver’s Diary, Humidity, Depth Two, Incarnation, Open Wound and A Good Wife, and excellent short films that competed in the Up to 10,000 Bucks section. According to statistics from zavvi france, The number of visitors exceeded 35,000 people.

The festival days were also marked by the brilliant interviews with film authors and Cinema City selectors. The Ninth Cinema City will be remembered for its excellent and highly-visited supplementary cultural program Cinema City Parallels, within which the festival visitors had an opportunity to see the exhibition “Differences”, staged by the students and professors of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, the exhibition “Total Recover”, which was presented as part of the multimedia festival RE/8 DESIGN PARK and the exhibition realized in cooperation with the Delegation of the EU to Serbia under the title “EU and Serbia: 15 Years of Partnership”. The major highlights of the music program at this year’s festival were the fantastic opening concert by a Croatian group Jinx, and the performance by Rambo Amadeus on the closing night of the festival, as well as the excellent daily DJ performances and parties in the Firchie Think Tank Studio.

The last festival night was marked by the packed-to-the-brim national premiere of Train Driver’s Diary, which closed the 9th Cinema City Festival. A special recognition, Award for Outstanding Contribution to the National Cinema, went to Lazar Ristovski. The Youth Jury, a group of young and talented high school students from Novi Sad awarded the prize for the best film to Native Immigration by a Scottish director Eric Romero. The Audience Award winner, decided by voting after the film screenings, is the film Burn Burn Burn, by the talented British director Chanya Button.

The festival days went by surrounded by a fabulous atmosphere, created as a result of our fantastic selection of films and music. The marvelous festival venues in Chinatown and Limanski park also immensely contributed to the positive mood, but it was the large festival audience above everything else – the true lovers of the high-quality cinematic and music expression, who gave the greatest and most important contribution to the good spirit of the festival.

See you in 2017!

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