Archive Cinema City 2016.

Four Passports

Četiri pasoša

Genre: Documentary
Country: Germany, Serbia, Croatia
Year: 2016
Duration: 83'

Director: Mihajlo Jevtić
Scenario: Mihajlo Jevtić

Cast: Slavko Jevtić, Kaća Jevtić, Maja Lagator, Jelena Krneta

Programme selection: National Class


Four Passports is an animated documentary film about emigration, identity and the recent history of Yugoslavia, told through a personal point of view of the film’s director, Mihajlo Jevtić. A story about four passports and one country.


Mihajlo Jevtić was born in Belgrade, SFR Yugoslavia, in 1978. He is a screenwriter, director and a producer of six short and one feature documentary. His films have been shown at more than 100 festival worldwide.

Original language: Serbian
Subtitle: English