Archive Cinema City 2016.

At the Border

Na granici

Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia, France
Year: 2016
Duration: 17'

Director: Laurent Rouy
Scenario: Arnaud Humbert, Laurent Rouy, Ana Stojanović

Cast: Arnaud Humbert, Milan Kovačević, Paul Murray, Milena Jakšić, Brankica Sebastijanović, Tito Garmendia

Programme selection: Special Screenings


In 2022, a wave of western emigrants in search of happiness, want to enter poor but happy Serbia. But this country closes its borders to the Rich and builds an anti-migration wall. Will Arnaud, a French illegal emigrant, manage to enter Serbia to join his beloved Jelena, a Serbian girl?


Laurent Rouy (France), has been living in Serbia since 2002, where he works as a journalist/correspondent for French electronic media. He met French actor Arnaud Humbert in 2015 and their cooperation, together with the energy of an enthusiastic Serb and international film crew resulted in the making of At The Border. This is Laurent Rouy's very first film.

Original language: English, Serbian, French
Subtitle: English