Archive Cinema City 2008.


The Ambush

Genre: Drama
Country: Yugoslavia
Year: 1969.
Duration: 76 min

Director: Zivojin Pavlovic
Scenario: Zivojin Pavlovic

Cast: Alenka Rancic, Branislav Milicevic, Branko Obradovic, Dragomir Felba, Dusan Tadic, Ivica Vidovic, Ljubomir Cipranic, Marija Milutinovic, Marko Nikolic, Milena Dravic, Milorad Majic, Mirjana Blaskovic, Pavle Vuisic, Rastislav Jovic, Severin Bijelic, Slobodan Aligrudic

Programme selection: Živojin Pavlović

The liberation. People, out of the war, are fighting for country restoration. A young Dalmatian man, whose father was killed by Italians, attends school in Serbia, staying at his cousin's house. He works cordially as an activist, believing in higher causes. In order to put himself completely in the service of Revolution, he joins National Security Agency, but later on, dissapointed with careerism of others, he quits his job. By mistake, he gets killed by village police forces.