Archive Cinema City 2008.

Zadah tela

Body Scent

Genre: Drama
Country: Yugoslavia
Year: 1983.
Duration: 99 min

Director: Zivojin Pavlovic
Scenario: Zivojin Pavlovic, Slobodan Golubovic-Leman

Cast: Rade Serbedzija, Dusan Janjicijevic, Ivo Ban, Janez Vrhovec, Ljiljana Medjesi, Ljiljana Sljapic, Metka Franko, Zijah Sokolovic

Programme selection: Živojin Pavlović

Life of a railroad employee, although fitted into standard norms - job and family - suddenly changes, starts to decay. He leaves his home and, in another town, surrounded with jolly friends, meets another woman. His hopes that this new life will pass without worries, have evaporated. So, the hero of this common life story, worried and upset, tries to, according to given morale norms, rescue the settled order of things: to preserve his family and to prepare his sons well for life. But, the violation he comitted, hunger for changes, gets him in hopeless situation. Insane with despair, through murder, he chooses suffering as the only pure thing in human life.