Archive Cinema City 2009.

Red Rabbit

Red Rabbit

Genre: Short / Animation
Country: Germany
Year: 2007.
Duration: 8 min

Director: Egmont Mayer
Scenario: Egmont Mayer

Cast: -

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 Bucks

A man lives alone in his small apartment. The little contact he had with other people has dropped to zero since the rabbit appeared. Every attempt to get the rabbit out of his apartment has failed and since he is not sure whether pets are allowed in the building or not, he does not let anybody enter his apartment.

About the director:
Egmont Mayer grew up both in Germany and China. After school in Munich he received training in digital post production for both video and print. Reluctant to abandon his affection for character animation he applied at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
In addition to his studies he has also been working on commercials for companies such as Studio AKA in London. After having done two stop motion films and some visual effects projects, Red Rabbit is his first computer-animated short film and his graduation film.
He is currently working freelance on commercials and image films in both Germany and China.

Film budget: ?

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