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Cinema City 2009

Cinema City Film and Media Festival, which took place in Novi Sad from 6th to 14th of June, was marked with quality film programme, a positive festival atmosphere and a high visit rate. During nine days of festival, cinema arenas were attended by more than 70 000 viewers, which altogether justified a festival status of the cinema city.

The winner of Cinema City 09, which also premiered at the festival, was “Ordinary People” directed by Vladimir Perišić. The film, which took several years of preparations in Serbian/French/Swiss production, centers around a group of soldiers, among them a twenty year old draftee, who stand together before the heavy duties of a classified mission.

A film which received standing ovations was “Technotise: Edit & I” by Aleksa Gajić. With its innovative and fresh approach in the field of Serbian cinematography, it soon became a must-see in the category of animated films. Film achievements from Exit Point and National Class selections were also well received, with screenings ceaselessly attracting audience during nine days of the festival, at main screenings as well as reruns.

One of festival’s attractions were films by young and talented authors from Up to 10 000 bucks selection, where the film „Živan Pujić Jimmy“ directed by Ognjen Glavonić received the best film award. This selection, along with music films from Planet Rock selection and achievements from Animatrix selection greatly contributed to an excellent atmosphere of the festival and generated an explosion of positive emotions that lasted for nine whole days.

A great deal of attention was also given to films from other selections, while additional programs enriched the offer of entire festival and made it more diverse. Media and academic program managed to successfully open new perspectives, present contemporary artistic and theoretical tendencies in domains of film, photography and installation, therefore stimulating creative exchange of ideas between artists from across the globe.

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