Archive Cinema City 2009.

Ordinary People

Ordinary People

Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia / France / Switzerland
Year: 2009.
Duration: 80 min

Director: Vladimir Perisic
Scenario: Vladimir Perisic, Alice Winocour

Cast: Relja Popovic, Boris Isakovic, Miroslav Stevanovic

Programme selection: National Class

Early morning. A bus is carrying seven soldiers to an unknown destination. Among them is 20-year-old Dzoni, a recent recruit who has trouble fitting in. They arrive at an abandoned farm in the middle of a field. Disturbed by the mystery surrounding their mission, Dzoni attempts unsuccessfully to find out what is expected of them. The long wait begins, beneath a scorching sun. A bus arrives, carrying a group of frightened men. The unit commander explains that these prisoners are the enemy. The seven soldiers, who have been waiting uneasily, sense they will soon have to go into action...

About the director:
Vladimir Perisic was born in Serbia (Belgrade) in 1976. He studied film directing at the Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade and at Femis, Paris. His graduating film Dremano oko was selected for Cinefoundation, Cannes Festival, in 2003. The film received, among others, VVF Young talent film award for best film at the Munich Film School Festival, the award for best collaboration director - director of photography at the Festival européen de court métrage in Brest, the jury award and the audience award at the Rencontre du moyens métrage in Brive. The project Ordinary People was developed Résidence du Festival and presented at L’Atélier du Festival in 2005.

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