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Na lepom plavom Dunavu

On the Beautiful Blue Danube

Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia
Year: 2007.
Duration: 112 min

Director: Darko Bajic
Scenario: Nebojsa Romcevic

Cast: Miki Manojlovic, Ana Franic, Michael Piccirilli, Tim Seyfi, Dragan Nikolic, Branislav Lecic, Bojana Maljevic, Goran Jevtic

Programme selection: National Class

Luxurious Danube river cruiser "Kriemhild", on a 2 day tour from Vienna to Belgrade. The ship "Kriemhild" is a floating sin city. Exhausted, unhappy, frustrated people from western Europe come here to "relax" and conduct business with alcohol, entertainment and sex. The crew of the "Kriemhild" are young people from eastern Europe who are trying to earn enough money to escape their small insignificant lives. That one night on this ship will shuffle the hands of fate of both the passengers and the crew of the ship. Prejudices, stereotypes and lack of communication between men and women, people of different religions, nationalities and social statutes will lead to absurd and, at times, dangerous situations, all colored with elements of dark humor. The night will unveil pain and tears, happiness and laughter. On this night, we will learn that a language barrier is not the main reason why people misunderstand each other. Fear of oneself and the fear of exposing and realizing one's own emotions, mistrust and misunderstanding about the people around you, will culminate into total liberation for the people on board. This is a night where all concerns and urges will be realized. But the misery of a life without real love is the common ground of all the characters.

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