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Kunsten å tenke negativt

The Art of Negative Thinking

Genre: Comedy / Drama
Country: Norway
Year: 2007.
Duration: 79 min

Director: Bård Breien
Scenario: Bård Breien

Cast: Fridtjov Såheim, Kirsti Eline Torhaug, Kjersti Holmen, Henrik Mestad, Marian Saastad Ottesen, Kari Simonsen

Programme selection: Exit Point

The Art of Negative Thinking is a burlesque drama about Geirr (33), who has become severely handicapped in a traffic accident. In an attempt to show everyone how terrible he feels, he has hit a dead end. Given his isolation, weapons fixation, self medication and limitless bitterness, his girlfriend Ingvild (30) doesn't know how to handle him any longer. She therefore invites a municipal positivity group to their home. Faced with the threat of a possible break-up with Ingvild, Geirr agrees to join the meeting. Consequently, the stage is set for 24 intense hours at Geirr and Ingvild's place. Geirr is the only one who refuses to see anything in a positive light. Gradually, he is joined by all the positivity group members. Not only must the leader of the group be vanquished; everyone must also confront their own negative inferno. Geirr forces everyone through a tunnel of desperation, anguish and hopelessness, before the day dawns and they once again catch sight of light, if only as a faint glimpse of hope. At this point, even Geirr realizes the banal truth: One has to try to think positive, however lousy one feels.

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Best Actor (Fridtjov Såheim), Best Direction, Best Film, 2007 Amanda Awards, Norway

Best Director, 2007 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
NDR Promotion Prize, 2007 Lübeck Nordic Film Days

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