Archive Cinema City 2013.

The Whirlpool


Genre: Drama
Country: Serbia
Year: 2012
Duration: 120 min

Director: Bojan Vuk Kosovčević
Scenario: Bojan Vuk Kosovčević

Cast: Nenad Okanović, Nebojša Đorđević, Srđan Pantelić, Marina Vodeničar, Jelena Matijašević, Ivana Jovanović, Dijana Savanović, Aleksandar Marković, Boris Jager, Ognjen Crnomarković, Mirjana Karanović, Dragan Nikolić, Emir Kusturica, Ivan Ivanović, Milan Kovačević, Milan Kovačević, Miljan Prljeta, Ivan Krajišnik

Programme selection: National Class

Original language: Serbian
Subtitles: English


The “Whirl” is a film about the first half of 1990s in Belgrade, Serbia, seen from the point of view of the young people, a film about their struggle to find themselves in the circumstances that were pulling them down. It consists of three stories following a different character during 48 hours and shows amazing turnovers in their lives.

”The Roots of Hatred” follows the story about the leader of a skinheads’ group, Bogdan.

“The Decline of the Idol” follows the story of Kale, the last surviving shooter, a member of a famous gang.

„The Whirl” follows Count, an artist-graffiti designer who was forced to join the army, and ended up with a war trauma he has still been suffering from.