Archive Cinema City 2013.


At the official closing ceremony of this year's Cinema City, awards and recognitions were presented to the authors and actors whose accomplishments and acting skills made a particular mark. Before announcing the winners, the jury comprised of German director Katrin Gebbe, Israeli producer Marek Rozenbaum and French actor and director Chad Chenouga, emphasized that they had the great pleasure of noticing the high standard of Serbian cinema today.

- “During the Festival we found that there had been budget cuts that will harm the Serbian film industry. We would like to submit an appeal to the Government of Serbia to continue their support of the Serbian film, for it is the best cultural ambassador of the citizens of Serbia, and will contribute to Serbian people being better understood around the world. This is why we believe it needs to be helped.”

After seeing all the films from the National Class selection, the jury reached the following decisions. The Ibis award for best film goes to Srdan Golubović’s film CIRCLES for, as specified in the statement of the jury, an accomplishment that has surpassed their expectations, adding that they honor this talented director who skillfully managed to arrest the attention of the audience during the entire film. The jury was deeply moved by this story about reconciliation and forgiveness.

The Ibis award for best director goes to Bojan Vuk Kosovčević, director of THE WHIRLPOOL, for expertly maintaining the rhythm of the film, and very skilled direction, especially with regard to action scenes. Furthermore, the director chose a very convincing film cast, and we should definitely mention his impressive use of special effects.

Enjoying the black humor of this story about former Yugoslavia and its classical narrative style with an intelligent twist and well-built characters, the jury presented the Ibis award for best screenplay to Goran Marković and Tihomir Stanić for FALSIFIER. As stated in the explication of the jury, the naiveté of the main protagonist and his faith in truth and goodness in a corrupt society is both funny and touching.

Explaining the award for best actor, the jury wanted to emphasize that there had been many convincing male roles in different films, which made their choice all the more harder. The winner impressed them with his ability to provide a credible and meaningful interpretation of his character in both drama and comedy genres. Therefore the Ibis award for best actor goes to Nebojša Glogovac, for his roles in CIRCLES and ARTILLERYMAN.

Before deciding on the award for best actress, the jury expressed concern regarding the small number of lead female roles. The role in WHITHERING brought the Ibis award for best actress to Dara Džokić for a very deep and emotional interpretation of a woman faced with the collapse of her life’s hopes.

Special Jury Prize went to Kosta Đorđević, director of TROLLING. In the explication of the jury it is stated that this debut feature entertained them with its witty, playful and optimistic view of the younger generation in Serbia.

Special Jury Prizes were also awarded to actress Hristina Popović for her incredibly touching performance in CIRCLES; actor Nikola Rakočević for his extraordinary comic timing in TROLLING and highly emotional act in CIRCLES; actor Nebojša Đorđević for a very funny and accurate interpretation, full of energy and passion in THE WHIRLPOOL, and students from the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade, Aron Sekel, Raško Milatović, Miloš Milovanović, Nemanja Vojnović, Petar Ristovski, Tea Lukač, Marko Đorđević and Luka Popadić for the screenplay and direction of WHERE IS NADIA? The jury especially liked the idea of eight young directors working together on a film, in which they managed to maintain a unique style and mood until the end.

The jury of Educons Presents Up To 10,000 Bucks competition programme of the Cinema City festival, which consisted of journalist and film critic Vladimir Crnjanski, chairman of the jury, journalist Brankica Drašković and director and producer Uroš Tomić, made a unanimous decision on the winner after seeing all the films from this selection.

In the selection Educons Presents Up To 10,000 Bucks the Ibis award for best film was presented to EITHER WORDS NOR QUIET, directed by Dean Radovanović. The explication states that “Either Words Nor Quiet” uses words and silence to present contemporary sensibility, and reveals in a most suggestive manner the inner world of the characters at the turning points in their lives.

Special Jury Prize for animated film went to “COMEBACK”, directed by Jelena Oroz, for an effective execution of a surreal and witty story.

Special Jury Prize was awarded to actors Milica Trifunović and Mladen Sovilj, for their subtle and innovative performances in “REAL GOOD PANELING”.

The winner of the Exit Point selection was decided by the audience, which opted for A LETTER TO MY FATHER, directed by Damir Čučić.