Archive Cinema City 2013.


National Class Jury


Katrin Gebbe (1983) is a German film director and screenwriter based in Hamburg. Her filmmaking career began shooting experimental films whilst a student at the AKI (Academy of Visual Arts and Design) in the Netherlands and the SMF A(School of the Museum of Fine Arts) in Boston. After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Design in Visual Communications in 2006, she started her Masters Degree in Directing at the Hamburg Media School, graduating with honours in 2008. During this period she directed a number of award-winning short films, including her final exam piece SORES & SIRIN, which won the European Union’s Young CIVIS Media Prize and qualified for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN is her first feature.


In 1968 he left Poland for Israel where he graduated from the Film and Social Work Department at Tel Aviv University. In 1988 he established Transfax, a film production company. Today, Marek Rozenbaum is one of the most renowned and recognised film producers in Israel. He directed two films himself and produced another 25. His achievements include co-produced films which have received numerous awards at the most prominent film festivals around the world. Apart from feature films Rozenbaum has produced over 40 documentary films, 7 theatrical performances for Israeli television and over 80 commercials and television shows. Marek Rozenbaum is the head of the Film and Television Council at the Israel Export Institute. Since 2005 he has also been the chairman of the Israeli Film Academy. For 6 years he held the position of the chairman of the Israeli Association of Film and Television Producers and is a member of the Association’s Board still today.


Chad is actor and director. For the cinema, he was actor with Yves Robert, Bertrand Blier, Isabelle Nanty, Lawrence Kasdan etc... In particular he played Angelina Jolie’s brother in A Mighty Heart directed by Michael Winterbottom. He played in fifty TV movies and a lot of times for theatre. As director, he made 8 shorts films. Rue Bleue received a lot of awards (two at the Cannes Film Festival in 1998) and was nominated to the Césars (2000). He directed documentaries and TV movies for the French Television (2007). He also directed a feature film 17 Rue Bleue wich received some awards in French, Spanish, Belgium ans Italian film festivals. He is shooting a documentary (to be released in August 2013) and preparing a second movie for the cinema (expected in Summer 2014).

Up to 10 000 Bucks Jury


Brankica is a journalist and author of documentary films. In the past two decades she has been hired by numerous media houses in different fields: she was a journalist, editor, host, correspondant, screenwriter. She is the author of ten documentary films, numerous coverages, TV shows and short forms produced in the frames of various domestic and international TV and film projects. She is the winner of several awards at international festivals of the documentary film. She is currently working as assistent lacturer in Media Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad.


Vladimir Crnjanski was born in 1961 in Novi Sad. Since the end of the 80s he has been working as a journalist. For more than two decades now he has been working for the Novi Sad newspaper “Dnevnik”, where he has been publishing film reviews and interviews.


Uroš is director and producer for the Production Company Film House Kiselo Dete from Belgrade. Uroš was born in 1980 in Belgrade. He lived as a child in Algeria, grew up in Pančevo. He studied History, but finished Film and TV Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Then he formed the Production Company Kiselo Dete with his friends and produced feature film Tilva Rosh that was one of the most successful Serbian movies in recent years, nominated for European Academy Awards (and winner of Sarajevo film festival and won 20 more awards at the festivals around the World). He is now preparing his feature film debut as a director, supported by Ministry of Culture of Serbia. But, also will continue, together with Kiselo Dete partners, to produce debut films of new generation of Serbian filmmakers.