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The Sleeping Voice

La voz dormida

Genre: Drama
Country: Spain
Year: 2011
Duration: 128 min

Director: Benito Zambrano
Scenario: Benito Zambrano, Ignacio del Moral

Cast: Inma Cuesta, María León, Marc Clotet, Daniel Holguín, Ana Wagener

Programme selection: Exit Point

es, en, sr


Madrid, 1940. A women’s prison in Ventas. General Franco and his army have seized power. The winners are not satisfied with their victory; they want to exterminate their enemy. Every man and woman who was part of, or supported, the Resistance, or who is just suspected of it, will be hunted down and eradicated without mercy. Repression has become part of life. All of Spain is a prison. The women’s prison in Ventas was filled with prisoners of this kind. Women who fought for freedom were now suffering repression, torture and death. Our story deals with the life of these prisoners. A group of women sharing a terrible story.


CEC Award - María León, Cinema Writers Circle Awards (2012), Goya - Best New Actress (María León), Best Original Song (Carmen Agredano), Best Supporting Actress (Ana Wagener), Goya Awards (2012), Silver Seashell Best Actress (María León), San Sebastián International Film Festival (2011)


Born in Lebrija in 1965, Benito Zambrano started his artistic career at a local theatre company and moved on to studying dramatic arts at the Theatre Institute of Sevilla. Eventually, in 1992, he graduated as a screenplay writer from the International Film & TV School in La Habana, Cuba. His feature film debut, SOLAS (1999), won him five Goya Awards and an audience award at Berlinale alongside a wide number of other international awards. His second feature film, HABANA BLUES, was invited to close A Certain Regard in Cannes 2005 and received two Goya Awards.


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