24/05/2012 14:30

Cinema City and Exit Point selection present 10 exceptional accomplishments

Some of the best achievements of independent production will be screened within Exit Point competition selection of international film. By presenting the films that were screened at some of the most significant international film festivals this selection will point out to the latest trends in world cinematography. The choice of films that will be presented within Exit Point selection is signed by Dubravka Lakić, film critic. The total of ten films will be screened, all of which will be competing for Ibis award.

Exit Point introduces Collaborator, a debut film of American director and actor Martin Donovan, which achieved great success at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, 2011, and received the award for best actor (David Morse) as well as FIPRESCI prize. This dark comedy filled with tense atmosphere and provocative dialogues talks of a sudden twist in the life of a once-successful playwright Robert Longfellow.

Come As You Are (Hasta la vista) is Enthoven’s fifth film which premiered at Montréal, where it received Grand Prix and People’s Choice Award, as well as the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury - Special Mention. This is an incredibly powerful story of love, unconditional friendship and lust, a story of humor as the sole means of overcoming painful situations, of craving as the most powerful motive that stands behind man’s struggle to overcome his own limitations.

Zuzana Liova’s second feature film, The House (Dom), shows an imperfect man who dreams of a perfect family. It is an account of a harsh conflict of generations, ambitions, and ideals within one dysfunctional family.

Slovenian film Good Night, Missy (Lahko noć, gospodična) is a multiple winner at Pula Film Festival directed by Metod Pevec. The film recounts unstable relationships of the heroine Hannah, who makes a decision, in the end, which will ease her life, and let her achieve contentment.

What will come as a special treat for the audience of the Festival is Julie Delpy’s new accomplishment – Le Skylab. This great French actress and diretor brings us an outstanding comedy that is a nostalgic retrospection of 1979 and big family gatherings, in the night when NASA’s space station Skylab fell down to Earth.

Love and Bruises is a new film by famous Chinese author Ye Lou, whom domestic audience knows after his film “Summer Palace” that led to his second ban from film-making. The masterfully directed Love and Bruises was filmed in Paris, and is a film adaptation of the banned biography of Jie Liu Falin. It is a story of a young Chinese female professor who enters into a destructive erotic relationship with possessive, somewhat primitive, but extremely attractive Mathieu.

Stockholm East (Stockholm Östra) is Simon Kaijser da Silva’s intriguing and dangerous love story involving two strangers that enter into a relationship filled with passion and lies. The film received multiple nominations for the award presented by Swedish Film Institute, and had a successful screening within official selections of Filmfest – Hamburg, International Film Festival of India, and Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

The Sleeping Voice (La voz dormida) is not to be missed at this year’s Cinema City Festival. It is a third film of the famous Benito Zambrano, who received world acclaim with his first accomplishment, “Solas” from 1999. The Sleeping Voice is made after a bestselling novel of the same name, written by Dulce Chacón, and is a testimony to women which lost the war and ended up in Franco’s prison, enduring unthinkable sadistic tortures and crimes on which they had to stay silent.

Unfair World (Adikos kosmos) by Greek author Filippos Tsitos had its international premiere at an Sebastián International Film Festival, where Tsitos received the best director award, while actor Andonis Kafetzopoulos received the award for the best actor. Unfair World is an endearing story about a police inspector, whose obsession is to be fair, but in accordance with his own moral codes, which will lead him into a world of trouble, but which will also lead him to love.

The Salt of Life (Gianni e le donne) by Italian screenwriter, actor and director, Gianni di Gregorio is a compassionate story of a sexagenarian looking for “new love adventures”. By including his acquaintances and even his ninety-year old mother in the making of this film, Gregorio managed to make a great existentialist film with limited funds.