Archive Cinema City 2008.

Sretno dijete

A Happy Child

Genre: Documentary
Country: Croatia
Year: 2003.
Duration: 97 min

Director: Igor Mirkovic
Scenario: -

Cast: Igor Mirkovic, Renato Metessi, Davorin Bogovic, Vladimir Divljan, Srdjan - Gile Gojkovic, Jasenko Houra, Mirko Ilic, Boris Leiner, Goran Pavelic, Darko Rundek, Srdjan Saper, Jura Stublic

Programme selection: Planet Rock

The movie shows exclusive interviews and records of some of the most significant representatives of Yugoslavian rock sound, such as Azra, Film, and Haustor, noting the atmosphere of the director’s hometown, Zagreb. Furthermore, members of the bands such as Električni orgazam and Idoli, are shown, who are visited by the author in Belgrade. Through Slovenian bands Pankrtimi and Buldožer, the author visits the third musical and cultural centre of Yugoslavia, Ljubljana. Apart from the material made on the territory of former Yugoslavia, the movie contains some interesting interviews with the artists who live abroad.