Archive Cinema City 2013.

Silent one


Genre: Documentary
Country: Serbia
Year: 2011
Duration: 30 min

Director: Marko Cvejić
Scenario: Marko Cvejić

Cast: Andrija Tihi, Anica Tihi, Nina Tihi

Programme selection: Educons presents Up to 10.000 Bucks

Budget: 4000


A film about a man who won the battle with the weight of life.Although his life was taken from him one of the most important gifts,however,this one celebrates the life and teach other how to honor it.


Born on 1978 in Zrenjanin,Yugoslavia.Graduated in film and theatre directing at the Art Academy in Novi Sad.Founder of Mandragora film.Mostly interested in the syncretism of documentarism and fiction.


Poem for the rain of tears, 22’ - 2006

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Silent one, 35’ - 2011