Archive Cinema City 2013.

Second Wind

Vtoroe dyhanie

Genre: Fiction
Country: Russia
Year: 2012
Duration: 7 min

Director: Sergey Tsyss
Scenario: Sergey Tsyss

Cast: Artyom Parhomenko

Programme selection: Educons presents Up to 10.000 Bucks

Budget: 6000


Every day he must make a new flower from a tin and plant it into the dry ground. This is the point of his existence, as there is nothing else left in the world but metallic rustle of the apocalypse flowers.


Sergey Tsyss (b. 1972) graduated from The Vakhtangov Theatre Institute as an actor and has worked as a director and artist in Russia. He is the writer-director of Second Wind for which he was also the cinematographer, editor and art director. Second Wind is his debut film. Film has received 9 national and international awards and was screened on more than 50 film festivals worldwide.