Archive Cinema City 2009.

Prvi pravi zenski zvuk

The First Real Female Sound

Genre: Documentary
Country: Serbia
Year: 2009.
Duration: 90 min

Director: Brankica Draskovic (author)
Scenario: -

Cast: -

Programme selection: Planet Rock

A documentary about Novi Sad's rock band Boye, which in the early 80s gave life to female spirit in Yugoslavia's rock and roll music, fully aware of the type of music they chose, managed to position themselves on, up to then exclusively "male" scene and forced themselves as one of the original and refreshing musical occurrences. Their two-decade-long story, characterised by persistence, consistency and female principle, is shown in the film as a part of wider cultural and social context, in which they grew not only as excellent musicians, but also as independent individuals aware of the time and place in which they were creating.
Dramaturgic line of the film follows different creative stages in the band's development. From the beginning when they were a part of newly formed Yugoslav stream and Novi Sad's art scene, to their performances in Vienna and Linz in 1983 at international festivals Frauen in der Rock Music and Frauen Avantgarde, and album recording in Zagreb, Novi Sad, Belgrade and The Netherlands, a lot of concert performances, all the way to the very break up of the band and resume of their significant influence on the whole music scene.
Apart from almost all musicians who were band members (Biljana Vlaisavljevic, Jasna Manjulov Tisma, Ljiljana Micovic, Jelena Svilar, Ilija Vlaisavljevic Bebec...), in the film also appear all significant artists who in different ways collaborated with the band and supported their creative development. Those musicians were: Koja (Disciplin A Kitschme), Kebra (Obojeni program), Cane (Partibrejkersi), writers Slobodan Tisma (Luna, La Strada), Vlada Kopicl and Vladimir Tasic, and director Aleksandar Davic. The following people talk about their music creations in the film music critics: Aleksandar Zikic, Dragan Ambrozic (Belgrade), Ante Cikara, Aleksandar Dragas ( Zagreb), music producer Mile Ciric (The Netherlands), journalists: Igor Vidmar (Ljubljana), Petar Lukovic, Teofil Pancic (Belgrade), one of the biggest fans of band Tereza, and many others...