Archive Cinema City 2008.

Les Revenants

They Came Back

Genre: Horror
Country: France
Year: 2004.
Duration: 102 min

Director: Robin Campillo
Scenario: Robin Campillo, Brigitte Tijou

Cast: Géraldine Pailhas, Jonathan Zaccaï, Frédéric Pierrot, Victor Garrivier, Catherine Samie, Djemel Barek, Marie Matheron, Saady Delas

Programme selection: The Best of Horror

One morning, the neighbourhood wakes to see a group of recently deceased people strolling back into town, looking much as they did just before death. Many of the residents are unprepared to resume their lives with their former family members, so a large "refugee" and reintegration camp is set up. Frequent meetings of the town council address employment and benefits for the returnees, as well as how to counsel those on both sides of death. All seems fine until the returnees start exhibiting peculiar behaviour: they never sleep, are immune to disease, seek comfort underground and are incapable of learning. Suddenly, they are a community feared and hated by the others.


Best Film, 2005 Fantasporto
Best Film, 2005 Mar del Plata Film Festival
Best Film, 2005 Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival
Golden Alexander, 2004 Thessaloniki Film Festival