Archive Cinema City 2008.

La Noche de los Inocentes

Night of the Innocents

Genre: Comedy / Drama
Country: Cuba
Year: 2007.
Duration: 100 min

Director: Arturo Sotto Díaz
Scenario: Arturo Sotto Díaz

Cast: Jorge Perugorría, Sílvia Águila, Yasmany Guerrero, Veronica Diaz

Programme selection: Respect to Cuba

A young man, the victim of a severe beating, has been hospitalized in Havana. The perpetrator appears to have been a transvestite. Mercedes, a nurse, convinces Frank, an ex-cop, to investigate the case. Taking place entirely over the course of one night (December 28th; the "Day of the Innocents"), the man's hospital room becomes crowded with family and some unexpected visitors, gradually revealing family secrets, hidden desires, and the finally uncovering what exactly happened to the young man.


Best Film, 2008 Cartagena Film Festival

Special Jury Award, 2007 Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema