Archive Cinema City 2009.

Jang-rae-sig-ui member

Members of the Funeral

Genre: Drama
Country: South Korea
Year: 2008.
Duration: 98 min

Director: Baek Seung-bin
Scenario: Baek Seung-bin

Cast: Lee Ju-seung, Yoo Ha-bok, Park Myung-shin, Kim Byul, Kim Won-sik

Programme selection: Exit Point

A family is gathered at a boy's funeral, and they don’t know what relationship each another had with the boy. They are also the leading characters of "Members of the Funeral", a novel written by the boy before he died. How are they related to the boy? Each member begins to recollect the unwanted memories of the past.

Director's statement: "Frankly, among all my secrets, the most complicated one is my family. Although they are people that I spent most of my time with and that I know best, they are people I cannot understand. So sometimes I ask myself the following questions. Is there anything besides genes and chromosomes that can prove we are a family? Shouldn’t there be some sort of emotional or psychological connection or feelings that bind us together? In relation to these thoughts, this story initially began with this sentence: 'A family is gathered at a funeral, and this is the first time they meet.'"


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