Archive Cinema City 2008.



Genre: Fiction
Country: Serbia
Year: 2008.
Duration: 24 min

Director: Attila Antal
Scenario: Attila Antal

Cast: Attila Antal

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 Bucks

Two old puppeteers (a couple) are preparing themselves for their long-ongoing show. She’s angry with him. They decide to switch their puppets, so that she will move the Boy and he the Girl.
In the empty stage there’s only a dead bird on the ground. The silence is touchable. The Boy approaches slowly, strokes on the dead bird wondering where it came from. He walks away and sits on the shore, waiting for someone who would play with him. After some time a couple of swans land on the water and begin their love dance. The snow begins to fall and the Boy discovers a dancing shadow behind him. He’s trying to find out where the shadow comes from, but it disappears soon. When it returns, the Boy is pleased to see the beautiful Girl who invites him to dance with her.
The puppeteers step by step become closer to each other; now they can enjoy their game together, as a real couple...

Film budget: $3400