Archive Cinema City 2013.


Genre: Animation
Country: Belgium
Year: 2011
Duration: 5 min

Director: Britt Raes
Scenario: Britt Raes

Programme selection: Educons presents Up to 10.000 Bucks

Budget: 500


Every woman has her own cooking habits. In 'Homemade' we meet Bernadette, who has some very strange kitchen utilities. The movie depicts the relationship between men and women and shows how someone can feel very lonely even if they are surrounded by others.


Britt Raes, born in 1986, lives in Belgium. She loves film, drawing, animation and being creative in every possible way. She often works together with her boyfriend, you can find their work at Sometimes she wished she had two right arms, so she could draw better.


Les Dernières Pièces (2011)- 10 min animation-documentary

Homemade (2011) - graduation film

i like bird (2009)