Archive Cinema City 2009.

Het zusje van Katia

Katia's Sister

Genre: Drama
Country: Netherlands
Year: 2008.
Duration: 85 min

Director: Mijke de Jong
Scenario: Andrés Barba (novel), Jan Eilander, Jolein Laarman

Cast: Betty Qizmolli, Julia Seijkens, Olga Louzgina

Programme selection: Exit Point

Some people find her removed from reality. Her older sister Katia (Julia Seijkens) even thinks she's stupid. But this is only a first impression, perhaps the result of her subconscious desire to remain a child.  Having emigrated from Russia some years previously, her mother tries to build up a life in Amsterdam and is drawn into the world of prostitution. Slowly, the oldest daughter Katia follows her mother into this obscure world. Our heroine, Katia's Sister, adores her older beautiful sister Katia, but she is getting more and more lonely, having nobody to share her feelings with. Although her surroundings are harsh, she does not judge.

Director's statement: "I got the novel "Katia's Sister" for my birthday from a good friend. Jan and Jolein Laarman came up with a wonderful script. They stayed very close to the main character, so you cannot and will not stop loving her, however harsh and violent the world around her seems."


Golden Leopard, 2008 Locarno International Film Festival
Best Director, Best Editing, Best Film, Best Supporting Actress (Julia Seijkens), 2008 Nederlands Film Festival

Best Screenplay of a Feature Film, Best Supporting Actress (Olga Louzgina), 2008 Nederlands Film Festival

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