Archive Cinema City 2013.

Film For Blind Poet

Filme Para Poeta Cego

Genre: Documentary
Country: Brasil, Cuba
Year: 2012
Duration: 26 min

Director: Gustavo Vinagre

Cast: Glauco Mattoso, Carlos Akira Nichimura, Jose Trassi, Fabio Campos Norat, Hugo Rodrigo Guimaraes, Senhor WZ

Programme selection: Cinema City Shorts


Glauco Mattoso, the blind poet sadomasochistic, agrees to Participate in a documentary about his own life, but the conditions he imposes raise Difficulties to the work of the young director.


Gustavo was educated at the International School of Film and Television in Cuba. In 2009, he made his first documentary, Dykeland, about the adventures of an all-female rock 'n roll band. In 2012, his second documentary, Film for Blind Poet, was selected for Doculab Guadalajara, a film lab which is part of the film festival of Guadalajara, Mexico.


Dykeland (short, 2009) • Filme para poeta cego (short, 2012)