Archive Cinema City 2008.

El Asaltante

The Mugger

Genre: Drama / Thriller
Country: Argentina
Year: 2007.
Duration: 67 min

Director: Pablo Fendrik
Scenario: Pablo Fendrik

Cast: Arturo Goetz, Bárbara Lombardo, Maya Lesca, Guillermo Arengo, Germán De Silva, Verónica Piaggio

Programme selection: Latino

Clocking in at only 70 minutes, Argentine director Pablo Fendrik's unsparingly tense drama El Asaltante (AKA The Mugger, 2007) observes - in real-time - the various conflicting emotions undergone by a perpetrator before he commits a serious and potentially lethal act of aggression. After premeditating the event in his mind for ages, the titular assailant opts to move forward, step by step, and experiences a co-mingling of fear, apprehension, rage, and an overriding loss of hope that will ultimately drive him to commit the most desperate act of his life.


Best First Work, 2007 Lima Latin American Film Festival

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