Archive Cinema City 2008.

Duboko u sumi

Deep in the Woods

Genre: Family
Country: Republic of Srpska
Year: 2006.
Duration: 76 min

Director: Zoran Radonjic
Scenario: Zoran Radonjic

Cast: Nemanja Brdar, Jelena Kecman, Ljuban Sipka, Slaven Trebovac, Slaven Bukva, Dean Batoz, Dragan Batoz, Radenko Bilbija, Mladen Vlacina, Boris Marcetic, Daliborka Dekic, Maja Radonjic, Dragisa Stojnic

Programme selection: The Cool Kids

A small fellowship goes on a picnic to Kozara. At the same time, three dangerous convicts run away from prison. Accidentally, their paths cross, and they kidnap Lana, a cute girl with dark hair. Mihailo, a chubby boy ridiculed by the rest of the fellowship because of his clumsiness and tendency to write poetry, plays the decisive role in her rescue. It was he who managed to save not only Lara, but the rest of the fellowship from the dangerous convicts, through a series of tense and comical situations. Finally, everyone accepts the chubby poet as a hero.