Archive Cinema City 2008.



Genre: Animation
Country: Japan
Year: 2004.
Duration: 105 min

Director: Shinji Aramaki
Scenario: Masamune Shirow (comic), Haruka Handa, Tsutomu Kamishiro

Cast: Ai Kobayashi, Jurota Kosugi, Yuti Matsuoka, Asumi Miwa, Akimoto Tsubasa

Programme selection: Animatrix

Earth's post-apocalyptic city, Olympus, is rising from the ashes after the global war. Biorids, artificialy made clones who make half of the city's population, are building it. Under a tight control of supercomputers, last people are enjoying the idyllic peace, but only on surface. Armed terrorists are trying to take over again and are clashing with ESWAT forces that are lead by a legendary soldier, Deunan Knut and her boyfriend, who is 75% a machine. This is a fantasy about a fight you don't see every day, with excellent 3D animation.

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