Archive Cinema City 2009.

A nyomozó

The Investigator

Genre: Crime / Drama
Country: Hungary
Year: 2008.
Duration: 110 min

Director: Attila Gigor
Scenario: Attila Gigor

Cast: Zsolt Anger, Judit Rezes, Sándor Terhes, Ildikó Tóth, Éva Kerekes, Zsolt Zágoni

Programme selection: Exit Point

At first glance, Tibor Malkáv (Zsolt Anger) is an ordinary 37-year-old man, having serious communication problems. He is precise and silent. Though not rich, he can buy whatever he needs. He doesn’t depend on his job financially. He loves being a forensic pathologist. A few floors up in the hospital where he works lies his mother with cancer in her spinal cord. No matter how speechless or shallow this relationship is, Malkáv has no other relatives. He promises he will not let her die. But the surgery can only be performed in Sweden and the cost is far beyond Malkáv’s means.

"This quirky little thriller brings to mind Patricia Highsmith's Ripley series, where the perverted morality of the ending requires the reader to take sides with the villain. Here, a gruff pathologist (Anger) takes on the role of a contract killer only to discover he's the patsy - and now he must try to save his own skin." (Dan Fainaru, film critic)


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