Archive Cinema City 2013.

A Letter to My Father

Pismo ćaći

Genre: Drama
Country: Croatia
Year: 2012
Duration: 72 min

Director: Damir Čućić
Scenario: Damir Čućić

Cast: Mate Gulin, Milivoj Beader

Programme selection: Fresh Danube Films

Original language: Croatian
Subtitles: English


A Letter to My Father deals with the relationship of a father and son, questioning years and layers of communication problems. Namely, son (Milivoj, 44) cannot get rid of the fear that he is his father’s faithful copy (Jovo, 70) and that his father’s life is a projection of his future. Desire to prove himself superior drives the son to make an amateur video compromising his father and proving that he is a much better person than his father.

Father starts defending himself from the accusations presented in son’s videoletter, justifying his acts to the surrounding, neighbours, friends, etc. Father retells their family problems and his view of the son’s videoletter to the community he lives in.