Archive Cinema City 2008.

A dnes nakade

Which Way Today

Genre: Drama
Country: Bulgaria
Year: 2007.
Duration: 90 min

Director: Rangel Vulchanov
Scenario: Georgi Danailov, Rangel Vulchanov

Cast: Albena Stavreva, Annie Vulchanova, Antoaneta Stancheva, Genadi Nikolov, Georgij Enchev, Georgi Staykov

Programme selection: Balkan Buster

Twenty-six young boys and girls set on a professional carrier in theatre are faced with an invisible selection committee. Uneasy, strange and provocative questions and extravagant tasks are poured down on the discomposed would-be actors. How should they respond? What answers could save them from the awful manipulations so that they conquer the great chance of their life - their only life?


FIPRESCI Prize, 2007 Love is Folly International Film Festival, Bulgaria

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