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Ze Film

Ze Film

Genre: Comedy
Country: France
Year: 2005
Duration: 105 min.

Director: Guy Jacques
Scenario: Constantine Attia, Guy Jacques, Emmanuel List

Cast: Clement Sibony, Dan Herzberg, Micky El Mazroui, Karine Testa, Miki Manojlović, Lorant Duetsch

Programme selection: Opening / Closing / Special Screening


First, there's Goran, known as Kubrick to his friends because of his consuming passion for the movies. Then, there's Karim, whose specialist subject is picking up girls, not Ingmar Bergman. Last of all, there's Didier, aka Toxic, a fanciful citizen who helpfully drives a truck full of movie equipment out of the shot and back to the housing project where they all live after he wakes up one day in the woods and finds himself on the set of a film. Kubrick, of course, is delighted. This is his dream come true, the chance to make a real movie...




Before he went to direct films, commercials and music videos, Guy Jacque worked as a cameraman and special effects director. In 1983 he directed his second animated short film “The Guest” which was nominated for César award in 1984. In 1993 Guy Jacques directed his first feature film with Jeanne Moreau, “My Name is Victor”, which was screened that same year at Cannes Film Festival within French film selection. His next feature, “Violetta, the Motorcycle Queen” won audience award at Gardanne Film Festival. “Ze film” is his third feature film.

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