Archive Cinema City 2012.

Warm Summer Evening

Calida tarde de verano

Genre: Fiction
Country: Argentina
Year: 2010
Duration: 12 min

Director: Mateo Kesselman
Scenario: Mateo Kesselman

Cast: Ivan Rudnitzky, Julian Petrucci, Edgardo Ibañez, Andrea Jaet, Ignacio Sanchez Mestre

Programme selection: Up to 10,000 Bucks

Budget: 7000


Raul, Javi, Fran, Jose, Fede y Juanjo, a group of youngsters with philosophical tendencies visit Macgregor every evening, a mysterious character which they adore like a god...


He was born in Buenos Aires. He moved to Spain at the age of three. He came back to Argentina to study filmmaking. Since then, Mateo works as a documentary filmmaker and a scriptwriting teacher.


Cálida tarde de verano / Warm Summer Evening (km/short, 2010)