Archive Cinema City 2010.



Genre: Short
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Year: 2009
Duration: 20 min

Director: Daniel Béres
Scenario: Daniel Béres, Zacharias Mavroeidis

Cast: Ivana Popović, Nebojša Đorđević, Boris Ler, Mirza Tanović, Maja Izetbegović, Mirela Lambić, Jasenko Pašić, Sanin Milavić, Mirna Kreso

Programme selection: Cinema City Shorts

Sarajevo City of Film 2009


A girl – while taking a walk through the city centre – discovers something very strange about the people of Sarajevo. They seem like lifeless ’zombies’, they only come alive for a few seconds to perform a little scene written down for them. She takes it as a joke first and fools around until she comes across someone with a paper: „Kill her!” written on it.

Director’s note

I have always found it absurd how films work. You have a scene and then another one. And nobody knows what happens in between. Of course you can have an idea based on the story and your previous experience as a human being but still, you cannot be sure. If two characters say let’s go home and in the next scene they are in a flat you would think they are home. But how can you be sure? And how did they get there? Did they walk? Or did they fly? Maybe entered a magic portal that transported them to this flat?