Archive Cinema City 2010.



Genre: Fiction
Country: Serbia
Year: 2010
Duration: 26 min

Director: Nikola Ljuca
Scenario: Stasa Bajac, Nikola Ljuca

Cast: Staša Bajac, Nikola Ljuca

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 bucks

Budget: 4700


Eighteen year old Filip rushes out of his home in distress, leaving his mother who is shaken by something that happened earlier that morning. He spends the day with Ivana and Nebojsa, his two best friends, walking about the gray streets of Belgrade. As the hours go by, it becomes more and more apparent that their relationship is far more complicated. But, perhaps the unexpected event yet to be relieved will be the trigger of change firstly in Filip's, but also in everyone else's lives.


Born in Belgrade on October 22, 1985. Graduated from Classics Department in the Philological High School after which he went straight to The Film Directing department of Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Besides his academic career, he participated in several international projects and workshops in Hungary, Netherlands and South Korea. He works as an assistant and casting director on feature films and TV shows and as a video artist in many theater and contemporary art projects. Currently working on a new short film, a Serbian-German co-production "The Name", nominated for the 2010. Robert Bosch Stiftung Co-production Prize.


2010. “The Name” (pre-production) 2010. “Thursday” 26' 2007. “The Beginning of Summer” 14’ 2006. “Russia” 15’ 2005. “Darija’s Side of the Bed” 10’ 2005. “Princess on the Wall” 5’ 2004. “The End of Something” 11’ 2003. “Room 11” 1’

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