Archive Cinema City 2014.

Things Behind the Sun

Ha'Dvarim Shemeahorei Ha'Shemesh

Genre: Drama
Country: Israel
Year: 2006
Duration: 111 min

Director: Yuval Shafferman
Scenario: Yuval Shafferman

Cast: Assi Dayan, Sandra Sade, Tess Hashiloni

Programme selection: Tribute to Israeli Film


With his father in a coma, Itzhak breaks ten years of silence. Discontented, Itzhak feels neglected by his wife and three children. But faced with their own immediate concerns, none of the family members, other than 10 year old Didush, seem to show any interest in anything other than themselves. It takes Didush and the developing relationship with her grandfather to decipher the old family secret and break down the emotional barriers that paralyse the Grossman family.

A powerful and complex family saga, 'Things Behind the Sun' is a beautifully shot film with a tour de force performance by legendary Asi Dayan as Itzhak.

Original language: Hebrew
Subtitle: Serbian
Producer: Einat Bickel, Uri Sabag