Archive Cinema City 2015.

The Sky Above Us

Nebo iznad nas

Genre: Drama
Country: Netherlands, Belgium, Serbia, Greece
Year: 2015
Duration: 97'

Director: Marinus Groothof
Scenario: Marinus Groothof

Cast: Nada Šargin, Boris Isaković, Nikola Rakočević, Nevena Ristić, Mladen Sovilj, Hristina Popović, Miloš Timotijević, Jovana Gavrilović, Tihomir Stanić, Ana Bretšnajder, Slobodan Boda Ninković, Mladen Andrejević, Vladica Milosavljević, Bojan Žirović, Bora Nenić

Programme selection: National Class

(Out of competition)


The Sky Above Us is an authentic, contemporary drama about the bombing of Belgrade in 1999. Ana, Sloba and Bojan: three different people, three different ways of hanging onto normal life in the most difficult of situations. The NATO bombings took place 15 years ago. Unfortunately still today similar wars continue to shake and divide Europe and the world. When will there finally be peace?

Every day Ana, Sloba and Bojan put their lives at great risk just by going to work. Their jobs are in, or next to, the national television building in Belgrade, which has become a strategic target for NATO and their attacks. All three force themselves to deal with the fear in order to hold on to their ordinary lives. But “ordinary” ceased to exist some time ago.

Every night Belgrade transforms from a vibrant city into a military target. While the bombs fall from the sky above, Ana, Bojan and Sloba struggle with the question: How can I survive and stay sane in this insane world?

Festivala and awards:

IFF Rotterdam, 2015, FEST 2015

Original language: Serbian
Subtitle: English