Archive Cinema City 2015.

The Hope Factory

Kombinat Nadezhda

Genre: Drama
Country: Russia
Year: 2014
Duration: 95'

Director: Natalia Meschaninova
Scenario: Lyubov Mulmenko, Natalia Meschaninova

Cast: Daria Savelieva, Polina Shanina, Maxim Stoyanov, Stepan Devonin, Daniil Steklov, Ivan Prill, Alexandra Makarskaya

Programme selection: 360°


Sveta loves her distant boyfriend who lives in Skype, hates her probation at the clinic and can’t stand her rival – the whore every young man she knows likes so much. Dan is a taxi driver, but he dreams of starting a business of his own. Alyosha works as a magician at some parties, yet his dream is to become the best-paid performer in town. Seryozha, Yana and Ruslana work at the factory, but their hopes are with the band. It only takes a couple of steps to reach the promising future, but they are so difficult to make. It’s easier to colour the present with love, alcohol and music.

Young people all over the world spend their time like this. Even if they live next to the Polar circle with its winter which lasts half a year and a month and a half of the Polar night. The teens live in happy inertia and stagnation, on the ruins of the Soviet empire, on the bones of those prisoners of Stalin’s camps who built their town. Who is going to stay here forever, who will manage to make the step and reach for the future, and what price would they have to pay for it?

Festivals and awards:

Rotterdam International Film Festival, Vilnius International Film Festival (best film), Go East Film Festival, Kinotavr, Pesaro Film Festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival

Original language: Russina
Subtitle: Serbian, English