Archive Cinema City 2015.

Street musicians

Ulični svirači

Genre: Documentary
Country: Serbia
Year: 2015
Duration: 28'

Director: Nemanja Babić

Programme selection: Planet Rock


This auteur film is signed by a group of young local authors from Belgrade and directed by Nemanja Babić. Street Musicians present a very unique Novi Sad festival, which is specific for its street spectacles participated by both the performers and the audience. Mutual love as the product of inevitable interaction is also the main “protagonist” of this mini saga about a beautiful idea, certain level of knowledge and skill, huge enthusiasm that brings satisfaction through results, and the continuity of a fifteen-year-long tradition. This film is a skilful presentation of the Festival through different perspectives of participants, organizers, visitors, and the stage itself as the epicentre of energy at the moment of climax. The answer is a comprehensive and somewhat voyeuristic overview of immediate reactions of the viewers, ranging from applause, laughter, and tears to spontaneous bursts of the tenderness of lovers. Visually stunning and with an almost impeccable sound, this film offers great fun but is also an emotional roller coaster that will attract those who are yet to come to this festival, and make it even more appealing to those who already love it.

Original language:
Serbian, English, Spanish, Italian