Archive Cinema City 2010.

Some Other Stories

Neke druge priče

Genre: Drama - omnibus
Country: Slovenia, BiH, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia
Year: 2010.
Duration: 114 min.

Director: Ana Maria Rossi (Srb), Ivona Juka (Cro), Ines Tanović (Bos), Marija Dzidzeva (Mac), Hanna Slak (Slo)
Scenario: Ana Maria Rossi (Srb), Ivona Juka (Cro), Ines Tanović (B&H), Djorče Stavreski (Mac), Hanna Slak

Cast: Nera Stipičević, Goran Bogdan, Nataša Ninković, Sergej Trifunović, Nina Violić, Fedja Štukan, Iva Zendelska, Lucija Serbedžija

Programme selection: National Class


In the country that used to be called Yugoslavia, no one asked women whether war was the right thing to do. But now women can decide whether it’s the right thing to do to bring children into that post-war world.

Five countries, five women, five stories. The film comprises five dramatic reflections on motherhood among young women today in the country formally known as Yugoslavia. Five films directed, in fact, by five such women.

A pregnant woman in a hospital meets the man who has just killed her husband. Another hides her pregnancy from her boyfriend because she knows her work will take her away from him. Yet another woman, expecting twins, is faced with a terible choice when one fetus is diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. Having just given birth, a drug-addicted mother is told her child must be taken away for adoption. A young nun becomes pregnant.

These are everyday contemporary stories from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia. Stories that look at the consequences of war from a different perspective. Stories that ask the question: what does it mean to give life after so much death?


IVONA JUKA - Croatia

She graduated at Academy of Dramatic Arts, Zagreb, Croatia. Made several documentaries and short films and almost all of them got awards at international and domestic film festivals.

INES TANOVIC - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Born in Sarajevo in 1965. Graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Sarajevo, department of dramaturgy. Since 1996 works at the Bosnian Television as the editor and director.


She was born in Skopje in 1970. Finished Faculty of philology (1994) and Faculty of dramatic arts (2000), both in Skopje.


Born 1972. in Belgrade. Graduated Film and TV Directing at the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Since 2000 she has been the permanent contract staff of RTS (Radio Television of Serbia)

HANNA SLAK - Slovenia

Born 1975 in Warsaw, Poland, enters the Film Academy of Ljubljana (AGRFT) in 1995. Made several documentaris. Her feature debut was film “Blind Spot”.