Archive Cinema City 2015.

Public Π Live

Planet Rock Music Stage

The main idea of a live concept is audio and visual presentation/installation of contemporary electronic music through the perspective of the Public Π concept. The entire performance is envisioned as two live acts accompanied with a video performance.

Live act is performed by Slobodan Jukić aka Sloxxx and Aleksandar Stojšin aka Lakmus Red. The emphasis is on musical improvisation, unencumbered by genre, with clear personal input. Both musicians are from Novi Sad and have had many different collaborations since 2008.

Sloxxx is one of the organizers and the driving force behind the Public Π project. He has been involved in production for the past 14 years, creating a hermetic minimalist music, inspired by modern dance trends. Using field recording and Ableton Live software, he mixes the organic and synthetic sound as a starting point of his experiments. He composed the score for several theatre plays and published his recordings for several foreign record companies, the Russian Kollektiv artist, Argentinian Miniatura Records and Krad records.

Lakmus Red is one of the heroes of the underground electronic music in Novi Sad. He regularly attends live improvisation events, and is a huge hardware enthusiast who collects rhythm machines and synths from days long gone. He is also a programmer and a sound designer. He is a member of Ubivae Records from Novi Sad, a new and interesting alternative collective.

The visual part of the project is in the hands of Public Π visual team, Richard Paul and Milutin Blagojević. For the past several years, this programmer/hacker-graphics designer team has been in charge of the visual identity of Public Π, but they are also engaged light design and VJing.

Live performance is based on the authors’ video clips and abstract mathematical models, rhythmically and spatially designed to complement the audio experience.

Escape from the banal and quest for the unexplored or rarely explored fields of research and communication are the main postulate at the centre of this entire project. Without aspiration for artistic prominence, led only by the desire to experiment in real time.