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Genre: Documentary
Country: Uruguay
Year: 2009
Duration: 54 min.

Director: Rodrigo Lappado & Germán Luongoo
Scenario: Rodrigo Lappado, Germán Luongo

Cast: Jorge Arevalo, Elbio Arevalo

Programme selection: Up to 10.000 bucks

Budget: 610


Plancha is a term used to designate some sector from the low class of uruguayan society. Planchas are usually asociated with delict and drugs. This film is about a Plancha boy, his family, and his problems.


Rodrigo Lappado & Germán Luongoo studied in the Uruguayan Cinema School. Germán now is working in a social documentary "AUTOGESTION" and Rodrigo is editing his last shortfilm called "ASTRONAUTA"


GERMAN´S -Plancha. (2009) documentary -Autogestión (in pre-production) documentary RODRIGO´S -Noche Mágica. (2009) shortfilm/fiction -Plancha. (2009) documentary -Astronauta (2010) shortfilm/fiction

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